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to double n.i.h.'s budget from 1998 to 2003. a bigger budget now more than $30 billion stimulated universities to ramp up ph.d. programs and use generous overhead payments from n.i.h. grants to fund labs and bulk up administrative staffs. but the budget has been almost flat since then. accounting for inflation, n.i.h.'s spending powers actually declined about 15% since 2003. more scientists means more demands are be placed on limited resources. n.i.h. accepted only 17% of applications in fiscal 2012 making it the hardest year ever to get a grant. if congress and the white house can't find a solution to budget sequestration, n.i.h. could lose even more, $2.5 billion next year and the cutbacks could continue for a decade. but scientists can't expect a blank check. they need to justify and account for taxpayer money. arguably n.i.h. doesn't spend as much as it should on risky cutting edge science and there's fat that could be trimmed from its budget. biocentury laid out proposals for reforming biomedical science funding in its 20th annual back-to-school essay. now biocentury this wee
governments to make tough decisions. last week we heard from n.i.h. director francis collins who oversees the world's largest medical research budget. > i've been been involved in this enterprise now for 30 years, and the pace of discovery is accelerating at really remarkable pace. it allows us to make things possible that we wouldn't have dreamed up a decade ago. at the same time, neither i nor anybody else who's been aen for a long time in biomedical research can remember a time where the enterprise felt under such stress in terms of whether the resources will be there to allow these discoveries to continue to happen. >> colin said there ant any easy answers. n.i.h. is a critical part of the ecosystem but its work it only be furktly translated into medical progress if other parts are working properly existing more out of expiesing money will require universities and industries to change the way they operate. the back to school essay offered some suggestions. we noted that europe pays universities less for overhead and we challenged industry to commit itself to funding work that n.i.h. d
into the shooting of a researcher at nih. he was murdered last night near his home. lowell melser is live outside the city police h headquarters. >> they're calling this a tragic and senseless crime. a 51-year-old researcher with nih and on the down in front of his home. they believe that this was an attempted robbery that ended in murder. baltimore city police detectives are canvassing around this area looking for clues after dr. marvin is gunned down monday night. >> it was believed he was entering or exiting his vehicle away.d a few blocks >> he was an exuberant, happy, joyous, terrific guy. >> people are congregating and they did not wish to talk to 11 news. the music director of the baltimore choral arts a sword a -- society said he had left practice that night at 10. he had been a research assistant professor at college park and a postdoctoral fellow at the school of medicine. officials with nih confirmed that he was most recently a contract analyst for the gov ernment. >> we are concerned and we will keep him in our prayers. any performing group will tell you that we are like a family. we
something pretty disturbing. >>> and it appears to be random, a researcher at nih right now murdered and police are investigating what may possibly have happened. we'll tell you what they have to say this morning. >>> plus fighting west nile virus, crews will be back out in baltimore county after a rain delay, trying to stop the deadly virus from spreading. we have details on that straight ahead. thanks for joining us on this wednesday morning, i'm megan pringle. charley off this morning, again, spending time with his new daughter and lynette charles has a look at weather. you might be wondering, please don't tell me there's going to be a repeat of yesterday. and, of course, lauren cook looking at the roads. >>reporter: yes. we actually do have our first accident of the day in howard county. so i'll have more on that coming up. >>> in the meantime, that weather was wild. >> it was, it was wild and whacky yesterday. but we definitely did need the rainfall across tharea, we just didn't need the severe weather that came with it. >> all the wind. >> exactly. lots of winds out there. we
on chesterfield avenue. a man was shot to death sunday night a block away from last week's murder of an nih research, 51-year-old peter marvit. we told you about him last week. brian kuebler reports how both killings have left people unsettled. >> homicide detectives were back out in and around the 3000 block of chesterfield avenue while patrol officers stood in front of the house where a life was taken. a sight not exactly foreign to homeowners here. >> times have changed, you know. my opinion and i hope nobody takes this wrong, it has a lot to do with drugs, you know. >> reporter: and that is about all police know. sunday's homicide was about a drug deal and detectives believe they are looking for a pair of suspects. another case opens on chesterfield avenue as police look to close the murder just on the other side of bell hair road. nih researcher peter marvit was killed, no leads there. two murders within one week on either side of the road. >> we talked to officers, talked to community people. if you handle bel air road, you handle the northeast district. >> reporter: he said while all
clinton to serve as director of nih. he initiated many changes in research programs and recruited new leaders for many of the important positions and helped to initiate the budget. he majored in english literature at the same it islege where my thdaughter studying. he worked as a medical student in hospitals. he began his scientific training at nih or is steadied -- where he studied bacteria. it is our pleasure to introduce him. [applause] >> thank you for the invitation. thank you for coming. i do not say that lightly. i was invited to do this kind of occasion once before in 1994 when i was director of nih. i fear that was cancelled due to lack of interest. i am glad that we have a full room. i know from advocacy work -- how many people here are journalists? there are a few. ok. so, today i will be bearing information. my intention is to make better you better makeyou bette informed. i will tell you what is going well and what does not going well and why. journalists can interpret what you learn about. i hope to talk no more than 20 minutes. i will not get deeply into most issues. we
at the university of maryland college park. a postdoctoral fellow and a contract it analyst with the nih. >> our hearts ache for his longtime partner and his daughter. we are very concerned and keep his family and our prayers. any performing group will tell you that this is like a family. so we have lost a dear and important family member. >> if you have any information, you're told to call 1-866-7- lockup. police arrested kelly ellerbee. he says that ellerbee and michael campbell were acquaintances. campbell is in the hospital being treated for a gunshot wound to the chest. witnesses say they saw ellerbee running through the university shortly after the shooting. charges against ellerbee include attempted murder. police say a man accused of monarch -- of murdering his grandparents tried to commit suicide in a hotel room. we're told he overdosed on an undisclosed drug. police say he left a note, saying he was sorry for what he did. police had been looking for him ever since the murder of his grandparents. >> obviously, the weather is a lot better than today. -- a lot better today than yesterday.
baltimore police were on chesterfield avenue investigating yet another murder. last week nih a researcher was shot and killed. now brian kuebler is here with how police are responding. >> reporter: police already added patrols but it couldn't stop a shooting a block away. all police know about sunday night's murder is that it was a drug-related murder. according to witness, they are looking for two suspects. they are continuing their investigation. that makes two murder cases on this street on either side of bel air road. crime stats show that violent crime in the northeast district is down by just under 20% but a city councilman hop represents -- who represents the area said it's time to get more resources. >> there's no secret that the resources in the amount of officers they assigned hasn't changed since the 70s. we have to address that. >> now scott said he's already spoken to incoming police officer anthony batts. police say they have very few leads and have made little progress in finding the suspect. coming up at six we head out to the neighborhood and have reaction to the two murd
at nih. he was found killed near his home. now, investigators right now don't have a whole lot to go on, but detectives do believe that dr. peter marvet was the victim of a robbery attempt. dr. marvet was found near his car on monday, shot multiple times. police say that he had just parked his car and was going into his home to see his family when this happened. marvet was an accomplished medical professional. he did his post-doctorate work at the university of maryland school of medicine and was a clinical researcher at nih. >> he was shot near his vehicle. detectives believe he was either entering or exiting the car, and we are exploring the possibility of a robbery motive. >> right now there is a $2000 reward being offered in this case. you can call crime stoppers with more information. here's the number, it's 866-7- lockup. >>> tonight there will be mosquito spraying going on in cattensville. this starts at 7:30 this morning. they're going to do it again next wednesday. they're also going to be spraying in pikesville next monday as well. two people have died from west nile virus in
, an nih researcher killed near his northeast baltimore home. abc 2 news' linda stow is live this morning at police headquarters. linda, what do police know right now? >>reporter: they think he was a victim of a robbery attempt. police don't have much to go on right now. they don't have a lead or suspects. drft peter marv il was found by himonday night, shot multiple times. police say he had just parked his car and was going home to see his family when it happened. police were back out at the scene on chesterfield avenue near hering run park yesterday, stopping suspicious cars and passing out crime stoppers flyers. marvet was an accomplished medical professional. he did his post-doctorate work at the university of maryland school of medicine and was a clinical researcher at nih. >> an individual who has given quite a lot to society and we're investigating this death just like any other. this is a heinous crime and it's atypical for the community that it happened. >>reporter: now, there is a dlshz 2000 reward being offered in the case. if you have any information that could help, call me
at the nih has uncovered this and patients in thailand and taiwan leaving them to a multiple infections now found in patients in the west because, >>> we don't why this is occurring it is interesting and scene predominantly in people of asian origin >>> he believes genetics and the environment play a role this new adult acquired efficiency does not spread person to person >>> ridiculous for someone to think that asians have been there for stay with and asians it is not at commendable disease no one will get it from someone else >>> in the and i h just published a report in the journal of medicine helped to raise awareness that patients are properly diagnosed they can be treated and live saved >>> i was really glad to help her >>> and dr. baxters patient was treated with an auto immune drug today she is alive and well >>> we have so much to learn there's really a lot about the immune system and infections we do not know. >>> dr. kim mulvihill cbs 5 >>> and supermarkets are filled with organic options usually more expensive with broken-down, the fruits and vegetables she might want to buy org
. a well-known 51-year-old researcher from nih gunned down in front of his home. police right now are investigating this as an attempted robbery that ended in murder. >> they are canvassing the 2800 block of chesterfield avenue and they're looking for clues after 51-year-old dr. peter marvit was gunned down friday night. >> was believed that he was exiting are entering this vehicle a few blocks away from his home. >> he was shot in the head and torso wind pronounced dead a half-hour later at hopkins hospital. >> he was an exuberant, have become a joyous, terrific guy. >> people congregating at his home did not wish to talk to 11 news, the music director of the baltimore choral arts society says he sang with the choir for five years and the night he was killed, he had left practice at around 10:00 p.m. according to university officials, he had been a research assistant professor and a postdoctoral fellow at the school of medicine. officials also confirmed that he was most recently a contract it analyst with clinical trials. >> our hearts ache for his longtime partner and his daught
at the biology department most of it is funded by nih if we abolished it out with the private sector react and fund the same type of research? john: good question. libertarians are torn saying the government does too much but some say the national institute of health, basic science is what government needs to do. i am skeptical. who do they give the grants to? old people. my 70 year-old brother and most innovation comes from kids your age. the establishment knows how to work the system. maybe that is what we need. >> i am patch ago deal freshman from chicago. first year. [laughter] that does not have to be man? >> i am afresh man. [laughter] but regarding your stance knowledge education had not gone to college deerfield you would have gained access to the journalism profession? you cannot say what would have happened but you are right to. i looked out graduating from princeton helped but half of the people today don't graduate even after six years. they are alerted everybody has to go. make a $1 million more because it is a different population that goes to college. they would have made it
of maryland and a clinical professor at nih. the house today full of family who asked us to stay back and let them mourn, no doubt, trying to figure out the answers to the questions police are already asking. >> an individual who has given quite a lot to society, and we're investigating this death just like we do any other. this is a heinous crime and atypical for the community. >> marvit was found shot in the head and the upper body. there is also a crp crop re-- crime stoppers reward associated with the case. call them at 1-866-7 lockup. >> there as been an arrest inside the shooting inside morgan state. 20-year-old kelly lamont ellerbe was arrested. he shot meek cal campbell in the chest. he is charged with attempted first-degree murder, assault and discharging a firearm. we're still waiting an update on campbell's condition. >>> it's an uneasy feeling for parents near seven oaks. last night, just before six, a man was seen in front of the school performing a lewd act. cameras captured the man and police released these pictures of the man. >> an individual acting strange in front of the sc
worked as a contractor for nih. >> new evidence that a chemical found in cans and some plastics may increase the risk for childhood obesity. rezejers found that teens with higher levels of this were twice as likely to be obese. >>> we can't really see the new baby panda at the national zoo, but, today, we could hear it. >> macion continues to nurse her new little one. the zoo staff says mom is doing a good job of taking care of her newborn. she's cradling and grooming the cub. there are signs she is successfully nursing. cubs are at high risk for infections. so the next few days are critical. that's a noisy little cub. >> yeah, that baby needs a nap. >> i bet the mom needs a nap, too. >> ois hungry. >> or something. >> diaper change? something. >> are we all pretty much done with the stormy weather now? >> we are. we're going to have a few showers tonight and they may be a little gusty as they come on through here. those showers right now just on top of the district. you can see the clouds lowering once again as i think we do see some of those gusty clouds working on the area over t
of a researcher from nih last night. he was gunned down blocks from his home. dr. peter marvit was shot in the head and upper body around 10:30 last evening. officers found him outside his car and into the 2800 block of chesterfield avenue. it was rushed to johns hopkins hospital where he died. >> i am sorry for his longtime partner and daughter. we keep his family in our prayers. >> police have not released the motive in this case. the search continues for the gunmen tonight. but the maryland man wanted in the death of his grandparents was hospitalized after what police say was an apparent suicide attempt. matthew long is in fair condition at an oklahoma hospital after being found in a hotel room. he had overdosed on an undisclosed drug. detectives have been looking for him after his grandparents were found murdered in their packs will -- pikesville home. >> the man who for three terrifying weeks with the face of this that we did the sniper investigation, the montgomery county chief was in our area this evening. we have that story. >> law enforcement leaders who worked closely on the d
nih and the funding thatat would l losee. what other areas are you aware of in fairfax county that coululd potentially lose money? >>>> aside fr the trick-down of that, which you have alof this money taken out of the ecomy, but it is the technology industry. both dod feeds a lot of technology companies grading things used d certainly for dod but make their way into the conser m market. you go bk to the internet, how it was created. many other thingngs. but when you look at medical technology or medical records and so f forth, there are great thin being done in fairfax county right now in accumulating those records to make the system more efficient. it is across t boaoard where different thgs are going to be impacted. >> anythinghat you would say to your members and terms of your coming forward, where you see the sunniestpot in the economy, a forward? >> certaly we are going to see continued growth in the construction area. the government contract and, which is such a hugee indtry, the going to be oppoportunities outside of dod. when you look of the healtlth side of things -- w
are investigating a murder that happened sunday night in the 3000 block one block away from where the nih researcher was found murdered. he was gunned down last week. the meantime, councilman scott who represents the area says that he has spoken to the incoming police commissioner about increasing police presence and police say so far they have few leads in both murders. >>> some people living in carroll county and in a specific neighborhood are nervous after 50 cars were broken into or vandalized. the sheriff's department says more than 1300 dollars in electronics, jewelry and other items were snatched in the hampstead area. one car had a tire slashed and several were pushed from the driveways. one even rolled acrossthe street and hate tree. so far authorities have no suspects. >>> anne arundel county police are trying to figure out who broke into a few cars in one neighborhood. several valuables were stolen over the weekend including a laptop and gps. some of the drivers did admit the cars were unlocked or the windows were cracked open. so right now police are using this opportunity to remind you
up early to baseball now, the braves facing the marlins. nih inng br dman. present freddie freeman connects. braves win 4-3. and they clinch a spot in the postseason. this comes a year after the braves terble ap fof teplayoff spots in the national league now locked up with only that final wild card spot the yet to be determined. as and rangers, in the tenth, tied at two. gets all of thione in the upper deck. me winner.ome rro t as now two games up on the an gels for the second a.l. wild card spot. orioles were shut out by the blue jays, but the yankees failed to extend their lead. they lost to the twins. yankees lead over the oes res 1 1 games in the division. coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe," president obama widens the gap with mitt romney in new polling from three battleground states critical to the republican's chances. we'll kick around t red flag numbers. and when we come back here, we'll huddl aroun the water olo w n romney tell jay leno her husband is a cheap skate. >>> we told you a new poll number out today shows president obama leading mitt romney in the
across the street from where an n-i-h sciintist was murdered last tuesday. in nortteast baltimore joy lepola fox 45 news at 5:00. another... police involved shooting... in... southwest baltimore. 3&it... happened ...early this mooning... near... potter streee ...and... yale avenue..../// officials... say... a robbery suspect... and officer... got... into a ... fight... / the... suspect ...than... pulled out a weapon... on the ooficer.../ a... then... shot at least one - round.../ hitting the suspect. "the suspect was struck in the stomach. he's listed right now in serrous but stable condition. he was transported to shock trauma were he's undergoing surgery at this point. we do have witnesses the uspect does match the description that was given by i" individuals."there ...were... no injuries... to the officers involved...//. this... is... the... 13-th ...police involved shooting... in the city... this year.../ 8... of them... were fatal. a police- involved shooting in dundalk leaves a man dead... and an officer and his partner on
herringgrun park. park. community leaders organizee the event after an nih researcherrwas murdered marvittwws shot as he got out offhis car after choir practice near his homm on chesterfield avenue, which booders herriig run park. police are still looking or the shooter. the crowd gathered just feet from the crime scene as a stand against violencee the game is still underway d. downtown.. and janiccepark is... how fans are reacting to the labor agreemenn the meant the return... of the regular... referees. referees.jeff ann jennifer,we are live here at m &&t bbnk stadium...whereethe game is still going on...against the clevelaad are allayssin a great ttday felt special...and fans say nothhng could ruin this because the refs are back. 3"do your ravees danceego petey, go petey! yea!" yea!""touchdown!" "touchdown!" now all jokes say they were getting fed up with the replacement refs...ddring the last three games.during today's endless tailgates...aloog with thh beer...the big talk was all about having the reaa refs offciate tonight's game agains
a soladarity march. ((nat sound if available from walk pleaae)) it followed he murder of nih researcher doctor peter marvit. tte northeast baltimore esident had just &ppaaked in front of his last week tuesday)) 12:20:18 - it makes you think because i'm in nd out the car you just never know you just don't want to bb the next victim you know and yyu don't want your neighboo's to be the next victim ;28 last nighh another murder did occur. (stand-up)) 13:07:28 evidence pf thissweekends violence can been seen just about everywhere along this stretch of chesterfield neighbors tell me he was running down the street as bullets begannto fly. just in this area we found four cars that ad been glass in he front seat of one car.the stray bullet pierciig a sideviiw mirroo before hitting the passenger side window.12:06:50 youucan not especially the northeast district he nortteast districc needs more resources. some residents who live here don't see it that way. 12:51 :12 they don't walk up and thee come and they sit and - watch thh block but this is a department spokeeman saas patrols wer
morning on "biocentury this week", science and innovation in the era of fiscal austerity with nih director dr. francis collins. watch "biocentury this week" sunday at 8:30 only on wusa9. >>> we are in a great mood this morning, it's friday, good morning, welcome to 9news now, today is friday. september 21st. i'm jessica doyle in for andrea roane. >> we made it. i'm mike hydeck, thank you for joining us. hey monika how you doing? >> hoo-ha. another top ten day coming up mr. bernstein? >> top 20 maybe. yesterday was stellar. couple of high clouds it was perfect. today is going to be even warmer and you may like that even better with temperatures in the low 80s. a day planner, a nice morning for you. a touch of fog out to the west. 75 by noon. high about oh 81, 82. should do that 3:00, 4:00. and by 5:00 still lovely out there and 79 degrees. sunrise just a few minutes before 7:00. we're still watching the high clouds streaming in from the southwest to the northeast but most of those now are east of d.c.. we're generally clear overhead. the temperatures this morning which are on the cool side
avenue. if that street sounds familiar, that's where the nih professor was shot last week. >>> and the storm warning for you. we'll tell you how scammers are using real attorneys to try to get at your hard earned money. those stories and a whole lot more at 6:00. here's a preview of what's ahead on world news at 6:30. >> listen to the white house recordings of jfk, surprising, emotional, the exclusive tonight with diane sawyer and nightline. anncr: more anti-maryland ads. from this west virginia casino. they want marylanders to keep coming to west virginia... casinos like theirs. spending one hundred seventy million a year. question seven will keep those dollars at home. with a limited expansion of gaming that will mean... hundreds of millions for schools in the baltimore area... and across the state... according to the department of legislative services. and with independent audits required by law... question seven means millions for maryland schools. guaranteed. >>> some high schools in new york are offering students the controversial health service to cut back on teen p
of austerity. what will deep budget cults mean for n.i.h.? -- cuts mean for n.i.h.? watch "biocentury this week" ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ahh, i've been crawling around this desert all day. it's hot, my throat is dry. i need water! water! oh, thanks. let's go check out some more animals. we're here in the colorado desert with my friend liz, who's the animal curator at the living desert zoo and botanical gardens. and we've come across a really interesting and an easy animal to really approach in the desert, because they don't move very fast. and, liz, this is a california desert tortoise, right? liz: right. jarod: now, this particular desert tortoise, this is probably one of the most ultimately adapted animals of all. i mean, they've been around for millions of years. turtles and tortoises are -- i mean, there are so many adaptations, but this particular specie of desert tortoise has really adapted to kind of take it to the next level and really handle some extreme conditions. liz: yes. jarod: what are some characteristics that they have that make them even a little bit more different than some of th
know that nih, national institutes for health or of health. >> national institutes of metal. >> they -- of health. >> they just had within summary past couple of weeks they had a big meeting and ty tked about how your mental state actually affects your physical health, correct? >> yes. >> were you there? >> i wasn't at that one, no. i was out of town, in europe. >> do you know whether they discovered anything new or were they just kind of ventilating this in the interest of public education? >> not having been there, i wouldn't want to declare anything, but it sounded like it was a group of people together to bring us up to date to where we stand on this. this is a valuable thing to do. >> are they sa saying that age doesn't mean the same thing today that it meant 20, 3 40 years ago? >> it's absolutely different. look at the way -- you see people in their 80's -- in fact, anthony store the other day, famous british psychologist who died at age 80 was giving a lecture at oxford at the university there. he was one of the fellows. he was 80 years old and has continued to be act
the motive. he worked as a contractor for nih and taught at the university of maryland. >>> and 20-year-old kelly he will ellerbe jr. who lives in baltimore has been charged with attempted murder, assault and a weapons charge. he is accused of critically woomding 20-year-old michael campbell. campbell was not a student but he was on campus visiting a relative. police say witnesses were able to identify the suspect. he is also wanted a drug charges. >> to presidential politics. now president obama is in new york for a night of politics and late night tv taping while mitt romney mass moved into damage control mode. a tape was secretly released last night. >> reporter: mitt romney went to salt lake city but the focus was on his florida fund-raiser in may that was secretly tamed. romney said there the 47% of americans who pay no federal income tax feel they're victims. >> who believe that they're entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you name it. that it is an entitlement and the government should give it to them. >> reporter: he said they won't take personal responsibility. >> s
$30 million to the foundation for the nih. it is still up for discussion between how it will be divided up for all sports related industry -- injuries. the goal is to learn more about concussion prevention and treatment and a brain diseases and weather playing football can lead to alzheimer's. when most people hear the term posttraumatic stress disorder you think of the military but it does not discriminate. researchers are looking at patients who never set foot on the battlefield with the hopes of preventing it from developing. doctors are trying to prevent the condition by starting patients on therapy immediately after a traumatic event like a car accident or being the victim of violence. finally, a startling find. more people are being diagnosed with skin cancer. doctors are not sure why this is cropping up but they believe genetics and light exposure playing a role. most people do not accessed -- associate skin cancer with children but more and more children have the condition in teenagers and kids as young as 10. everything from carcinoma to melanoma. pediatricia
million for medical research at the nih. doctors will examine brain injuries. it is designed to benefit athletes, service members, and the general population. >> mcdonald's is about to open up to restaurants that do not have big macs or chicken mcnuggets on the menu. the vegetarian restaurants are opening in india and will be the first that do not serve me. it can breathe a sigh of relief. they're in india. the spicey paneer is on the menu. >> good to see you. >> let's take a look. we have changes in the washington airport authority. after reports of lavish spending. a big decision was made today about the travel policy for members of the board and that is not all. gretza cruz attended the meeting and she will have a breakdown on what is to come. >> let's see what is happening weather-wise. >> it is warm and humid. conditions will continue through the evening. 85 right now that reagan national airport. 86 in frederick. you factor in the moisture and the humidity and dew point calculation, it feels somewhat warmer. it feels like 95 in gaithersburg. here is the latest raid. they win the a
in baltimore. he worked as a contractor with nih at the website and taught at the university of maryland. >>> d.c. is not alone in storm cleanup. heavy rain pelted the mid-atlantic and northeast in parts of pennsylvania, delaware, and new jersey. some will deal with the rain through the morning commute. this morning many homeowners along millers island in baltimore county are dealing with the aftermath of flooding. waves of high water from the chesapeake bay came crashing over the sea wall into backyards. some saw a foot of water rise up into their yards and streets. much of that water receded late in the evening. >>> a maryland woman is thankful she wasn't hurt after a huge tree fell and barely missed her. danella was in the bathroom and had that tree crash through her bedroom in weatherly. as investigators tried to cut the tree down, the porch collapses. no one got hurt. >> i'm very, very blessed. not lucky, but blessed. the tree missed me by six inches. >>> the family says the house is 110 years old and structurally sound. they expect the damage from the fallen tree to be
after the nih researcher was murdered outside of his home we have another violent death on the same street. a drug deal erupted in to gun fire. they are looking for suspects, brandon scott represents the area and said violent crime is actually down but police need help. >> we have a 29% reduction in homicide in northeast baltimore but that's a test to our wonderful command, officers and the connection with the community that they have. basically turning water into wine every day. we can't expect that from them. >> they are hoping for more officers to be added to the northeast district. scott said he has already brought up the issue to the incoming police commissioner. >>> have you sent a personal message on facebook you wouldn't want others to see? be honest? in just a minute the glitch that could be making some of those private conversations very public. >> and on the wmar app now for the i-phone and android. laurel 45 degrees, this is the radar showing scattered showers and colorado but that may be a problem by wednesday. your full forecast coming up. >> and an investigation i
murder, an nih researcher killed and this happened near his northeast baltimore home. dr. peter marvet, he was found by by his car on monday night, shot multiple times. investigators say he just parked that car and was going home to see his family when this happened. police were back out on the scene at chesterfield avenue, near hering park run yesterday stopping cars and passing out crime stopper flyers. >> this is an individual that has given quite a lot to society and we're investigating this death just like we do any other. this is a heinous crime and it's atypical for the community that it happened. >> police right now are looking for your help. they're hoping that somebody knows something and will say something to them to solve this case. right now there is a $2000 reward. you can call crime stoppers. we're going to give you the number, it's also on your screen, 866-7-lockup if you have any information. >>> anne arundel county police this morning trying to find a man accused of touching himself outside of an elementary school. this all happened while day care was in session and
on "biocentury this week", science and innovation in the era of fiscal austerity with nih director dr. francis collins. watch "biocentury this week" sunday at 8:30 only on wusa9. >>> welcome back. 4:40. almost 4 listen 41 on this -- 4:41 on this friday morning and we love fridays around here. and we're going to love this one with sunshine. and a pleasantly warm afternoon. average high is now in the upper 70s and we'll be in the low 80s by 3:00 or 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. 77. the changes coming for the weekend when i see you next. right now here's monika with timesaver traffic. >>> southbound on i-95 out of baltimore to the beltway packed here at route 100. things are looking great no issues to report as you head down to the beltway and over to college park. northbound 95 coming out of virginia looks good as well. back with more coming up in a few minutes at 4:47. back to the desk. >>> the time right now is 4:41. i like -- joking around with mike. today is a big day for mike hydeck. >> who cares? >> it's a big day for apple as well. in case you hadn't heard the iphone 5 hits store shelves in
on the work already being done at the n.i.h. and at research centers across the country by creating, as chairman upton said, research consortia to form a nationwide network of pediatric researchers. this is important so we can make sure we are always working with the most current science and information is shared and verified. it will expand the geographic scope of research, giving sick kids easier access to research programs and clinical trials. moreover it will help a wider variety of institutions participating in this critical research while providing training grounds for our next generation of pediatric researchers. another feature to this bill, key feature to this bill, is it will place an added epfa -- emphasis on researching children's rare diseases, such as the one described, spinal muscular atrophy, and develop new treatments to fight them. the low prevalence of these diseases makes them particularly hard to research. yet these diseases have such a marked impact on the lives of far too many families and also communities. the national pediatric research network act will be a
declined to go on camera, they are praying for his safe return. now, at 6:00, an nih researcher murdered in his maryland neighborhood. >>> right now, fast moving storms swept through our area. it didn't stay long but it did do some damage. >> we have new reaction after mitt romney tried to clear up controversy. >>> and a murder mystery involving a researcher at the national institutes of health. good evening. >>> we begin with team coverage tonight of the storm that have raced through our area today. heavy rains and strong winds hit just about all of us this afternoon. the storms caused some flooding, brought down some trees and power lines. they even caused trouble at local airports. >> it appears the worst of it has moved on. doug kammerer has the latest on this weather that hit us pretty hard and fast. >> really fast. some areas seeing winds clocked at 45 to even 60 miles an hour as they moved
in baltimore monday night. police say he was confronted as he got out of his car. marbet worked with nih at and taught at the university of maryland. >>> this morning a for sale sign is raising new questions about whether congressman jesse jackson jr. will return to work. according to a number of real estate websites, his four bedroom dupont circle home has been on the market for two weeks. jackson was admitted to the mayo clinic in late july to be treated for bipolar disorder. he returned to his home the day before it was apparently listed for sale. >>> myanmar leader aung san suu kyi will receive the congressional gold medal. she was actually awarded the medal in 2008 when she was under house arrest. myanmar's leaders kept her under house arrest for two decades. her trip will last two weeks. she began her historic trip here yesterday by meeting with secretary of state hillary clinton. >>> the national zoo's newest addition has been hard to see, but, boy, does that panda cub have a set of lungs on him. this is the panda cam video from yesterday. zoo keeper say all tha
of austerity. what will deep budget cults mean cutmean for n.i.h.? watch "biocentury this week" >>> good morning. welcome back to 9news now. it is 5:14. we're happy to say it's friday. hope you got some sleep last night. howard didn't because of all the noise from the thunder and lightning. >> thank goodness it's friday and we have time to recover before monday. it was a loud night for many. still have a little bit of rain going on this morning although most of it now is from d.c. and points east into prince george's county, northern charles, howard, east of montgomery and east side of d.c. it's pulling away. in the next hour or two, conditions should improve drastically from where they were a couple of hours ago. here's a look at the bus stop forecast. still some leftover showers or two. that will be about it. i think by the time you hit the buses in another 90 minutes, two hours, things will be much, much better. temperatures in the 60s. there could be a patch or two of fog. sunrise 7:02. we'll get some partly sunny conditions today. maybe even partly to mostly sunny at times with just
worked as a contractor for nih and taught at the university of maryland. >>> today investigators are trying to figure out what caused a fiery crash that left one woman dead in fairfax county. the woman was driving a 2011 toyota sienna on lewinsville road in mcclelean. the car struck a tree and caught on fire. >>> a richmond judge will decide if the department of corrections must prove it has authority to conduct executions. two alexandria lawyers claim executioners who inject inmates with lethal doses of drugs are improper practicing medicine. the department of corrections says an injection is not a medical procedure because the purpose is to end a life, not save one. >>> defense contractors in northern virginia playing a key role in the race for setting in the commonwealth. candidates tim kaine and george allen making several stops at campaign offices. those contractors say they're concerned they could lose millions of dollars if congress can't reach a deal on the budget. $500 million of defense spending will be cut from the budget if lawmakers don't have a deal by this year. de
is commissioner of nfl. dr. landes director of the nih's institute. general odierno is the chief of staff of the army. good morning to all of you. general, that's a huge number, 244,000 military personnel with those brain injuries. i know the seriousness of those injuries varies from person-to-person but it's a problem that has to be addressed. >> absolutely. one of the problems we have are soldiers coming forward first to say i have a problem. one of the things we're really focusing on is making sure the physical, mental, dedication to accomplishment does not impede people from saying i have a problem and i need help. that's why this initiative is important to us. we're now putting sensors in helmets our kevlar helmets. about 7,000 soldiers have those in their helmets. we're collecting more and more data, collecting more and more information but we have a lot of work to do yet. >> commissioner, most people will not associate players injuries with when our men and women are dealing with in these wars but the problem is great for you as well. 190 concussions in 320 games last year. is that
to keep us safe, nih, whatever it is -- >> you're saying yes. >> we need to make a determination. do we want it? if we don't want it, then we don't have to pay for it. if we want it, yes, we need to pay for it. who's going to pay for it? those people who have resources to help pay the bills of our country. we made decisions. we're buying a lot. the republicans, frankly, in my view, have not cut spending under ronald reagan or under george bush i or george bush ii. >> it's an important question. a person who's making $200,000 may not feel rich, may not feel like a millionaire or billionaire, which has been the narrative there. i'm wondering if, in fact, that person is going to get really hurt in a fragile economy, if their taxes go up, the biggest tax increase since world war ii. >> then, fine, we'll stop buying stuff. if we're going buy stuff, we need to pay for it. >> or stop spending. >> that's what i mean. stop spending. if you don't want to buy it, don't buy it. the fact of the matter is that we have bought stuff. we have debts. we need to pay them. very frankly, the average -- i un
research, that chainsaw is going to cut through n.i.h. in terms of the great research projects that are going on in that institution. and we would also see the chainsaw hit defense. and in industry after industry, where you need to have a horizon, whether it's building f-35 fighter planes, whether it's building surface ships down in virginia or nuclear submarines up in the state of connecticut, the fact of the matter is the sequestration option as s.e.c. leon panetta has said, would be catastrophic for the national defense of this country. the fact of the matter is there are proposals on the table which would avert the implementation of sequestration. i said on the armed services committee, we had a hearing with leaders from the aerospace industry, we had leaders from the administration, the head of the budget office, the undersecretary of defense who handles budget policy, ashton carter, and if you look at the budget which president obama put out in january, and if you look at paul ryan's budget resolution in 2011, what you will see is in fact there is overlap between the two
at the n.i.h. clinical center in betting eds dain april, being treated for complications from a bone marrow transplant when he contracted the antibiotic resistant strain of kpc. spraying for the west nile virus will resume in baltimore next week. alarming data comes out about how some people learn they have the illness. state agricultural officials say crews will conduct sprayings to reduce human exposure from mosquitoes infected with west nile. state health officials say 10 people tested positive for west nile when they went to donate blood. >> if that test is positive, that donation is removed from the blood supply so it is not made available for transfusions or any other use of that blood. so the blood supply is considered well protected. >> 25 people have been infected with west nile in maryland. have died. >> the time right now, 6:08, 54 degrees at b.w.i. if you're planning to travel over thanksgiving, why you may want to buy your ticket right now. >> online contests promising big prizes for pictures of cute pets but it turns out to be a scam. the i-team will look into it, coming up. >
now trying to figure out who killed an nih researcher near his home. detectives believe that dr. peter marvet is the victim of a robbery attempt. he was found by his car monday, shot to death multiple times. marvet was a clinical researcher at nih. right now a $2000 reward being offered in this case. >>> time for a check on the weather. here's meteorologist lynette charles. >> take a look in ellicott city where we're dealing with plenty of cloud coverment off in the distance you can see a few breaks in that cloud cover. we'll get some clearing as you go throughout the day. make sure you are prepared for that and get ready to enjoy all the sunshine that will be moving in here. for right now the temperature in ellicott city coming in at 66 degrees. look at the dewpoint, 51. so that dry air has already moved into the picture. you can see the winds out of the northeast very light right now, but it will be a breezy day on tap. as we look at what's going on on maryland's most powerful radar, we are dry and we will stay that way as we go throughout the day. the hour-by-hour forecast brings us
that it's more important to protect defense spending and protect domestic spending like n.i.h. than it is to protect special interest tax loopholes. i see the chairman of the armed services committee on the floor and i respect him greatly. that's what he talked about last october. here's what he said when he was asked. quote, if it came that i had only two choices. one was a tax increase and one was a cut in defense over and above where we already are, i would go to strengthen defense. that's the president's position. that's the president's position, mr. west. he says we need to take a balanced approach to recusing the deficit. we need to combine cuts but we also should end special interest tax breaks for the big oil companies. george bush himself said that when you got oil above $50 a barrel, you don't need these ridiculous incentives to keep them drilling. and we should ask very wealthy individuals to pay the same tax rate as the people who pay for them do. and we should eliminate some of these ag subsidies. you asked about other proposalless. i have a proposal in my hand. i took
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